Adventure Park "Devils' Table"

Access for Disabled

An attempt has been made to design equipment, facilities and the information tables so they can be fully accessed and used by a disabled person. A large proportion of the facilities have been designed with wheelchair users in mind. The Adventure Park has toilets and parking spaces for the disabled.

(1) The Sea of Rocks with Slide

This rock face focuses the view on the Teufelstisch (Devil’s Table), also included is a geological nature trail.

You can find information about these rock formations on several of its’ display stations.

If you are game to make the ascent, there is the 50 metre rock slide for the return journey.


(2) Miniature Golf

The easily accessible miniature golf course has 12 holes that are played in a clockwise direction. 

Ramps allow access to the various levels.

(3) Cable Slide

Act like Tarzan swinging on a vine through the air, feel the speed and rush down into the valley.


(4) Water Playground

Messing about with water is great, but first you have to do the work.

The water must be hand-pumped to the surface, then it flows down as a stream, and has to be raised again using the Archimedes Screw.

(5) Small Childrens’ Play Area

Here children can play and romp to their hearts content.

There’s a large sandpit area, swings and a small slide, also various swing animals.

Seats are in the immediate vicinity.


(6) Labyrinth with Bell Tower

Through the many bends and corners you lose your sense of direction.

On trying to reach the bell tower your sense of orientation is put to the test.

(X) Other Attractions

European Union

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development:

Europe investing in its’ rural areas

This Project was carried out as part of the PAUL Development Program in association with the European Union and the Ministry of Economy, Transportation, Agriculture and Viticulture in the State of Rhineland-Palatine.

Öffnungszeiten und Kontakt

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